If the motivation is high, you can try to learn this Japanese language and translate spanish to english on your own. You should get good dictionaries and self-study books, katakana and hiragana scripts, as well as free access to the Internet. But on the way to mastering Japanese, you will have to learn a few rules:

Japanese from scratch Japanese is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. At first, you will have to memorize a lot. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to master writing and grammar that is unusual for a European. More than 1000 hieroglyphs, syllabary alphabets, complex and refined polite speech are waiting for you.
The process of mastering the Japanese language will be successful only with constant practice. You will have to sit a lot at textbooks and dictionaries, constantly read, listen and speak. And for this you will have to develop perseverance and be patient.
Like any foreign language, Japanese and latin to english translation is quickly forgotten without constant practice. Maximum communication with Japanese friends, and if this is not possible, daily reading of adapted literature or the press, watching programs and films in Japanese. It is important not just to read and watch, but to capture the meaning of words.