The teacher can perform various functions, depending on the type of lesson, assignments, lesson objectives, level and age of students. His tasks, among other things, include lesson english to hindi planning, maintaining a working atmosphere in the classroom, monitoring the work of students, and providing necessary assistance.

Most often, the teacher performs the following functions.

1. Planning.

Before the beginning of the lesson, the teacher thinks it over and writes a plan, trying to make the lesson informative and varied, selects teaching materials that meet the objectives of the lesson, and correspond to the level and age of the students.

2. Informing.

Provides students with all the necessary information about the language (vocabulary, grammar, regional studies) or the task (rules of execution, assessment criteria).

3. Management.

Establishes rules of conduct in the classroom filipino to english, decides organizational issues (how to turn in work, how to take time off from the class, what reference materials can be used in class), and maintains discipline. If it is possible to rearrange the furniture in the classroom, he decides how the chairs and tables will stand during the lesson, and which student will take which place.

4. Observation and involvement.

Observes the work of students during individual, pair or group work, corrects and helps if necessary. Involves students in the work, makes sure that everyone takes part in the work.

5. Diagnostics.

Children in the classroom. Focus is on bored little boy sleeping.

Identifies the causes of student difficulties. After the lesson, he analyzes it, determines how successful the lesson was, and what needs to be paid special attention to.

6. Support.

Encourages students, helps them cope with difficulties, gives advice.

Also, teachers can perform an administrative function, for example, fill out journals and statements, write reports, work with various documents.

The teacher performs various functions at different stages of the lesson. So, before the lesson, he is engaged in planning, and in the lesson he mainly informs and observes the work. Often you have to perform several functions at the same time. So, during the performance of the task in groups or pairs, the teacher observes the students, maintains discipline, engages in work, praises, corrects mistakes, and fixes the difficulties that arise.


Recall one of the recent lessons. What functions did you perform? What should have been given more attention? Which function is the most difficult for you to perform? Why? What would you like to improve?


If you have no work experience, then remember how your teachers conducted the lessons. What functions did they perform? Did they do well with them?