Strict traditions of Dubai

Religion is associated not only with the traditions of the townspeople, but also with the rules for visitors and Muslim women are not allowed to be photographed. From men you need to get consent to shoot. Military installations, government offices are also not recommended to shoot.

You can’t flirt with women, as well as laugh at them. For violation – a fine of 60 thousand dirhams, followed by deportation.

It is impolite to treat a Muslim with a dish of pork or vodka or wine. On the eve of business conversations, it is necessary to talk about strangers, without asking about sisters, wives, and other relatives. Do not point the sole of your foot at a Muslim.

With the onset of the month of Muslim fasting, before the sun hides behind the horizon, it is impossible on the streets:

• chew gum,
• smoking,
• drink and eat.

If the owner of the house does not offer to enter in shoes and use, then you need to leave it at the threshold. Compliance with the rules helps to establish good relations with the residents of the capital of the emirate.