Cape Reinga

At the very edge of the North Island there is a rock, Te Reinga. This is where New Zealand ends. Reinga was considered a sacred place for the Maori with – they believed that the souls of dead people left here for the other world.

The kahika tree grows on the cape. Maori believed that on the roots of this ancient tree spirits went down to the water itself and went to Avaika, the mythical land, the ancestral home of Polynesian people.

On this cape is the place where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean, and you can understand it by the white storms. The Maori believed that in this place the male sea meets the female sea, and this is how life is born.

Near the cliffs fly many seabirds, grow unique plants. Since 2010, the cape is paved road, thanks to which you can safely come here by car with Stop at the large sand dunes to the north. Here you can take a board or bobsled and ride down the dunes.

The lighthouse on the headland is one of the symbols of New Zealand. It was built in 1941 and every 12 seconds it sends out light signals that can be seen from 19 nautical miles away.