How to work on mistakes or avoid them

First of all, do not get hung up on mistakes korean to english – concentrate on a positive result, because it is impossible to live by constantly thinking only about the bad.

Think about the content of the statement
Think about WHAT you express, not how you do it.
Analyze why you are wrong

First ask yourself if you know the rule. If you know, then try to understand what this error is connected with – maybe you didn’t study the rule well enough, or perhaps the error is due to inattention? – understanding the cause helps to “pick up” the right recipe for “fighting” errors.

Try to find a way to practice the language and tagalog to english translation in an informal setting where you definitely won’t be scolded for making mistakes.
Do not forget to repeat the material with some frequency.
Practice makes perfect. The more you train, the better you get and the quantity will eventually turn into quality.