Is Chinese the new fashion or the language of the future?

Day by day, the Chinese language is gaining popularity, parents are taking their children to children’s groups, investing in their future, students are increasingly willing to learn Chinese as a second foreign language, adults are opening up new opportunities for business and communication. However, for many beginners, the question of the purpose of learning Chinese is difficult and does not find a clear answer. Let’s figure it out, is it really needed, this Chinese one?

First, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. Every fifth person in the world speaks Chinese! On the one hand, the population of China alone is 1,404,328,000 people, but Chinese is also spoken in many Asian countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Mongolia and Brunei. Most of us have heard Chinese and how translate arabic to english in our hometown!

Secondly, it has long been no secret that the Chinese economy is developing rapidly and successfully. A huge number of companies and international corporations operate in China. Along with the knowledge of the language, opportunities for doing business with Chinese partners without intermediaries and translators open up. In addition, in recent years, the number of vacancies with mandatory knowledge of the Chinese language has been steadily growing.

The third point is related to education. In addition to the fact that in the Russian Federation you can take the Unified State Examination in Chinese, which is relatively easier than some other subjects, many Chinese universities offer programs and grants for foreign students and also pay a decent scholarship. By the way, to study in China, you do not need the results of the Unified State Examination, but you need a certificate for the level of knowledge of Chinese.

Fourthly, if you want to translate english to french and to train your brain and boast of an excellent memory, Chinese is the best fit. Writing, reading hieroglyphs, listening and pronouncing tones – training for all types of memory + ear development.

The fifth goal can be an addition to all the others. Any language is the key to the culture of the country of the target language. Chinese culture is ancient, diverse, really interesting and so mysterious. Traveling will become much easier if you know Chinese, because in China, not everyone speaks even English, not to mention Russian. Making new friends comes as a set.